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Santiago Waria, Pueblo Grande de Winkas


Site-Specific Performance

Santiago Waria: Pueblo Grande de Winkas is a site-specific journey through the city's 477 years of history, beginning with the resistance of the Mapuche warrior Michimilongko in 1541, through to the early 20th century migration and their racialized work as bakers and domestic servants, up to their descendants today. It is an intimate, urban-historical and theatrical tour with an audio-guide and live scenes, starting at the Quinta Normal park and passing through Plaza de Armas, Providencia and the Santa Lucía / Huelén hill. Directed by Roberto Cayuqueo, it is made up of a cast of Mapuche youth, with the music of Daniela Millaleo and the participation of the poet David Aniñir.

The performance was first staged in Santiago in December 2018.



Cast: Simona Mayo, Claudio Alvarado Lincopi, Marcela Bascuñan, Martín Cardenas Llancaman, Rodrigo Huenchun, Tomás Melivilú, Danae Morales, Dania Quizada, Danitza Segura Lincaqueo, Marie Juliette Urrutia and David Aniñir.

Playwrites: Roberto Cayuqueo, Olivia Casagrande, Claudio Alvarado Lincopi, Arturo Ahumada, Marie Juliette Urrutia Leiva, Martín Ernesto Cárdenas Llancaman.

Director: Roberto Cayuqueo

Assistant director: Olivia Casagrande

Music: Daniela Millaleo, Elsa Quinchaleo, Puelpan

Voice and Narration: Catalina Osorio

Design: Cynthia Salgado

Graphic design: Nicola Mazzuia

Sound Design: Beatmachinne

Audiovisual Recording: Antil

Production: Damarie Contreras

Tracks Audio

Performance Audio-Guide

1 - Bienvenida
2 - Quinta Normal
3 - Metro a Plaza de Armas
4 - Las entrañas de la ciudad
6 - Micro a Perdo de Valdivia
7 - Providencia
8 - Micro a Cerro Welen
9 - Voces Mapsurbe
5 - Plaza de Armas
10 - Cerro Welen


Daniela Millaleo

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